From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) Part 2

Cheech Marin is in the movie, so is Cheech Marin, and Cheech Marin is in the movie too. Cheech Marin plays 3 roles in the movie.

Cheech Marin first appears as a border patrol cop, then as the bar greeter, and then he shows up again as Carlos, the guy that they were meeting in Mexico. Cheech Marin is in other Robert Rodriguez movies, such as “Desperado”, “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”, and “Machete“.

On a side note about Cheech’s role’s in the Mexico trilogy: sometimes people think that Cheech is playing the same character in both movies. I believe he is not though.

Cheech play’s a bartender in both movies but they are different characters. The evidence is that they are different bars which doesn’t really prove anything. But, in the credits of “Desperado” he is listed as “short bartender” and in Once Upon a Time in Mexico he is listed as “Belini”. The most compelling evidence is that Cheech was killed in “Desperado”, but in “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” his character has an eye-patch. In “Machete” a character gets shot in the eye and then comes back with an eye-patch. But Cheech from “Desperado” wasn’t shot in the eye, he was shot in the middle of the head. So it is not the same character. That tangent should probably belong in a “Desperado” review but, whatever.

Tom Savini does the Special Gore effects. He is the same guy that has done the effects for the George Romero movies such as “Dawn of the Dead.” He also does the makeup even for himself. All of the special effects look great, and this is the kind of movie where bad special effects could really hurt the second half of the movie.

Tom Savini also plays a role in the movie, the character of Sex Machine. This character is awesome he uses a whip and a dick gun. The same cod-piece weapon is seen in the guitar case in “Desperado” although it is never used. Tom Savini ends up changing into a vampire, which is disappointing that you can’t see him kill anymore vampires, but as a vampire he does the most damage. He also transforms into a weird baby bat, which looks like a rat.

Quentin Tarantino after being bitten

Fred “The Hammer” Williams is in “From Dusk Till Dawn”. Fred was in a lot of grindhouse movies, which is why they picked him for the role. Danny Trejo play’s the bartender, and is good as he always is, he is in almost all Rodriguez movies.

 After the first wave of attacks there is a group of survivors that make an awesome team, the team is eventually killed off until there are only 2 of them left. There is a great part in the break that is a clear tribute to classic horror movies, where the group  are discussing how to kill vampires.

Now the vampires do not look like traditional vampires, not even close. They look more like demons, lizards, and rats. Sometimes they actually look like bats, but they don’t look like the classic Bela Lugosi, with slicked hair and a black cape. I have heard people defend “Twilight” saying that it is a new take on vampires, and that people don’t like it because they don’t like change. That is not true. If you want to see vampires done differently than the classic archetype, then watch from “Dusk Till Dawn”.

“Twilight” is not a new take on vampires, it is a disgrace to vampires. I hate when people, especially younger people, think that the vampires in “Twilight” are how vampires should be, or supposed to be.

There is a particular vampire in the movie that has a mouth for a stomach, and uses it to eat people’s head’s. You probably didn’t see it because it was removed from the movie for going too far. It is rumored that Quentin Tarantino puked when he saw the effect happen. The scene where it ate the head was removed but the creature itself stayed. You can see the vampire with the mouth stomach walking around still, just without the gory payoff.

part 3 coming soon


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