“Indochine” Movie Review ~ By Sam

Cover of "Indochine"
Cover of Indochine


Catherine Deneuve as Eliane

Vincent Perez as Jean-Baptiste

Dan Pham as Camille

Indochine” is a French made movie made in 1992 and brought to America the same year. “Indochine” stars Catherine Deneuve and Vincent Perez.

The movie takes place 1930 in Indochina which is no called Vietnam. The movie is about an Indochinese girl who is adopted by the French plantation owner, the girl falls in love with a member of the French navy which is taboo. The movie focuses on the forbidden love as well as the occupation of Indochina by the French.

The acting is all very good, from the stars to the side characters. The characters each have their own personalities and are vastly different despite having common goals and/or common threats.

English: Catherine Deneuve Français : Catherin...

Catherine Deneuve’s character gives a narration which, although isn’t used very often, seems out of place. She narrates events where the character is not present, but this is

compensated for by making the narrative a reflection of the events.

The music for the movie is great, in terms of suspense and action. The movie has it’s own theme music that plays during important moments in the film. The movie has elements of action, romance, historical fiction, and drama, but at its heart it is a heavy romantic drama, the other elements are to compliment the story.

The occupation of Indochina is taken from actually events however the rest is very loosely based around the true premise.  When the French occupied they brought language, religion, architecture and food. Today Architecture still resembles French architecture and some French food remains but language and religion brought by France is dwindling. The French brought Christianity and while some older Vietnamese people still use Christianity most people do not.

Indochine is quite a long movie about two and a half hours long but worth watching if you feel like a very heavy drama based around romance and a historical basis.

(spoken language is French with english subtitles available)


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