“The Killing Jar” Movie Review by Sam

Director: Mark Young


Michael Madsen as Doe

Amber Benson as Noreen

Harold Perrineau as Smith

The Killing Jar” has both Danny Trejo and Michael Madsen, two cool guys, in a horrible movie.

Danny Trejo

Before I say anything else,  let me talk about Danny Trejo’s role in this movie. First thing I thought when I saw him was; man he looks like he really doesn’t want to be there. I think he lost a bet and was forced to be in the movie. I later found out that he wasn’t there during shooting. Trejo’s scenes were filmed separately
and then edited into the film after, that must be the reason why he is in the kitchen behind the counter the whole movie. That really shows how bad the director was. Danny Trejo couldn’t give a good performance because the director completely sucks!

Anyways time for the plot. A semi-psychotic man kills a bunch of people in a diner that is the entire movie. I just saved you an hour and a half. The story is uninspired and a waste of time at best.

The title has almost no relation to the movie. When you hear “The
Killing Jar” what do you think of? Definitely not a slaughter in a
diner. During the main title sequence which also has no relation to
the story by the way, the title sequence shows grainy footage of jars. I guess maybe that’s where the title comes from but that doesn’t make any sense. I suppose the diner could be the “Jar” but that’s a stretch. In the jars are butterflies, which again, have no relation to the movie

The acting is bad, very bad, but I do not blame the actors, again I
blame the director. In the beginning of the movie it seems like one of those found footage movies, but that idea quickly disperses and the audience is left with no pay off or any real reason for including it in the first place. The rest of the movie is filmed regularly.

The movie does a lot of pointless things, such as the killer repeatedly putting a bag on a guys head then taking it off and putting it back on again, there is absolutely no point he already saw his face, and he kills him anyway so it’s pointless.

Amber Benson

The writing is as bad if not worse than the directing. Forget about the bland, uninspired story and the horrible (multiple) endings and just focus on the characters. The characters are horribly written and completely stupid. This is terrible because the movie rides on the characters.

The characters say and do things that nobody would ever say or do. For example; a guy walks into the diner and asks where the bathroom is, the waitress points to the bathroom, the guy repeats “Is there a bathroom?” (i guess he doesn’t believe her pointing) the waitress say’s “yeah it’s over there” and she points again. The guy goes “Over here?”and he points again, the waitress points again, the guy points like he’s asking then walks away.The movie is filled with these moments, the characters do things that
people would never say or think to do.

Michael Madsen

Michael Madsen is revealed as a killer immediately when the movie starts, then the movie tries to act like it’s a mystery who the killer is. The opening shows the climax of the movie and then cuts back in time. The scene where the killing actually happens is the best part of the movie, which isn’t saying much. There is no real motive for the killing either. Any possible reason is denied by the killer. You may think he’s insane but no they prove that wrong. You may think that he is just a sick twisted guy but they deny that as well. The killer actually say’s that it was just a moment of weakness, which takes away any threat brought on by the killer. It also doesn’t make sense either. He doesn’t just flip and kill them, he leaves and goes outside
then he comes back in with a shotgun and kills them.

This movie was horrible filled with stupid pot twists and characters
that are completely unbelievable and dumb. Just ignore the movie you probably never heard of it anyway. The writing and directing are both God awful and the movie is a complete failure!


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