Maximum Overdrive Movie Review ~ By Sam

Maximum Overdrive is based off the Stephen King short story Trucks. I wonder why this is the movie he was most involved with out of all the others. Stephen King cameo is as a guy who gets insulted by an ATM. This is the only movie which Stephen King actually directed. This also happens to be my favorite movie based on a Stephen King book.

“Maximum Overdrive” is about trucks that  come to life and start killing people. But its not just trucks, it’s everything electrical. It might sound stupid, but that’s because it is stupid, and it knows its stupid. The movie goes really over the top and has fun in doing so, and I enjoy that. There are other movies like that such as the two “Crank” movies. I really like that style.

AC/DC exclusively does the music for this movie. Their album Who Made Who is the “Maximum Overdrive” sound track. In the opening a bridge opens on its own causing cars on the bridge to be destroyed. On the bridge is the AC/DC van.

Emilio Estevez stars in this movie. His character is very
forgettable, but the people aren’t really why you watch the movie. Other memorable supporting cast members are, are an extremely annoying waitress who does nothing but scream, and a very weird couple who just got married.

Most of the movie takes place at a rest stop gas station, but
there are others areas as well, like the baseball field, which has my two favorite parts.

First is when a soda machine starts killing a baseball team with cans, and the second is when a steamroller rides onto the field. A kid gets run over by the steamroller, it is rumored that there was some kind of head explosion effect, but it had to be removed, because of censorship issues.

There is a reason for all the electrical things coming to life, but it doesn’t make any sense. Mostly because there are two completely different explanations, and both of them are stupid. One explanation involves a meteorite passing over the earth, and the other has almost no relation to it. Each reason is not really explained; they just show up in text, one in the beginning and one at the end.

The truck stop is named “The Dixie Boy Truck Stop”. The truck stop was real and remained open for a while after the movie. Someone bought it and eventually got rid of the truck stop.

Definitely not a movie everyone will like, but I enjoyed it for what it is: stupid and fun as hell, with trucks, guns, and AC/DC.


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