REVIEW by Sam: Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Writer/Director: Eli Craig

Dale Dobson: Tyler Labine

Tucker: Alan Tudyk

Allison: Katrina Bowden

Chad: Jesse Moss

Naomi: Christie Laing

Chloe: Chelan Simmons

Chuck: Travis Nelson

Jason:  Brandon McLaren

This was a movie I was going to watch at Red River Theaters in Concord, NH during their extreme film series. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the showing, but really wish I had because this movie is best watched with a crowd!

The story is about Tucker and Dale who have bought a vacation home in the forest. A group of college students mistake Tucker and Dale for deranged killers. When they save one of the kids from drowning, the kids think they kidnapped her and are trying to kill the rest of them.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a horror comedy, and it hits the mark perfectly, unlike failed horror comedies such as “Evil Ed”. “Tucker and Dale VS. Evil” is more comedy than horror, but the two are blended together perfectly.

Most of the comedy comes from how the college kids mistake what is really happening. Like when they are trying to decide whether or not Tucker and Dale are crazy killers. At the same time they send one of their friends up to the door of the cabin, Tucker is chainsawing a bee hive and then runs around screaming and swinging the chainsaw around. Of course the kids don’t know about the bee hive and think he’s trying to kill them. Most of the comedy comes from the misconceptions.

The college students end up killing themselves while trying to kill Tucker and dale. Even the local sheriff joins in on the unintentional suicide. It is very morbid, and hysterically funny. The movie is extremely gory in the best possible way.

The movie is hysterically funny, a real come back to the horror-comedy genre. Hopefully this movie can breath life back into the genre, which happens to be my personal favorite.


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  1. BMN says:

    Part of what makes it work so well is that it is so well-acted, especially by Alan Tudyk and Taylor Labine. It could have easily been just plain stupid (like petty much anything that involves Adam Sandler) but instead it comes of funny, gory, and oddly touching at times.


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