Evil Ed Movie Review ~ By Sam

Evil Ed
Image via Wikipedia

Evil Ed is a very weird and obscure horror movie, about a Ed a man who cuts film and goes insane from watching so many bad horror movies. Namely the Loose Limbs series. He turns into a psycho killer.

The thing that I noticed immediately that confused me, was the audio. The sound is very offputting. Almost all of the music sound like it belongs in a quirky comedy, not a horror movie. The sound effects sound distant, and all of the talking sounds dubbed. As far as I can tell though it’s not. The lips perfectly match the words, so I am really confused by how weird it sounds.

The movie is full of The Evil Dead references and posters, as well as other horror movies like Night of the Living Dead. The movie has many fake movie scenes, which are intentionally bad. Sort of like the fake trailers from Grindhouse. But nowhere near as good.

The movie takes an extremely long time to get going, and is actually quite boring in the beginning. Once he goes crazy it starts to get more entertaining. The mental hospital scenes are the best part. Some very bad acting and delivery plague the movie, as well as really bad forced angles and obviously fake hitting. The army captain or whatever he is feels like he is trying way too hard to be cool and he fails at it.

Despite having a pretty good ending (until the ending narrative ruins it.) and some really cool moments the movie overall feels very un-fulfilling and sort of a waste of time.


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