Dead Alive Review ~ by Sam

Dead Alive (Brain Dead)

Dead Alive was directed by Peter Jackson most famous for the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.  But Dead Alive was before all that. If you ask me Dead Alive is 20x better but that is only true if you are a real gore hound.

Dead Alive has a reputation as being the goriest movie ever made. When I heard that I was really skeptical. I was shown though. Dead alive truly is the goriest movie ever made.

It’s not bad gore either, all the effects are really good. Gallons and gallons of blood are splashed all over the place, body parts being cut off all look painfully real, and all other effects look amazing.

There is even use of Claymation for the cause of the problem. You really need to see it to believe it. There is some real nauseating stuff, but that doesn’t faze me. Hell, after the movie I wanted to go get some bacon.

The movie just throws being serious out the window, and makes no attempt to be genuinely freaky or serious. For how much bloodshed and gore there is, the movie is hilarious. Great scenes like the priest and baby at the park are just amazingly twisted and funny. Things like this almost start to overstay their welcome, almost. That would be my only problem, some bits don’t know when to quit but they remain funny throughout so it’s no problem.

Many horror movies have shallow characters but not Dead Alive. Every character has a unique and funny personality which the first half of the movie spends building up. The writing and directing are both extremely well done. I am a little bit surprised I haven’t seen any of the actors in other films. Probably because the movie was made in New Zealand.

Only in America is Dead Alive called dead Alive, everywhere else it’s known as Brain Dead. Why change it? There is a movie called Brain Dead which stars Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman,  from 2 years earlier, so that is most likely the reason.

Dead Alive is a movie that I saw for the first time in part of the Friday night “Extreme Series” at Red River Theatres in Concord, NH. I am very glad I waited until it was in the theater because that is where it should be experienced. At least with a large group of people and a big screen. Everybody in the audience will cheer clap and laugh and in some cases puke at the sight of the masterpiece of horror that is Dead Alive.


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