Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre Review ~ by Sam

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre laid the groundwork for the horror sub-genre known as the slasher movie. While Halloween was the first true slasher movie, Texas Chainsaw Massacre paved the way the way and should be credited too as giving some of the formalities and formats, such as the group of teens, a memorable villain, and other setup details. Texas chainsaw massacre is definitely more serious and genuinely scary in tone than most slasher films.

Basically what happens in the plot is that a group of 5 teenagers go to one of their father’s houses, out in rural Texas where there is hardly anybody around. They pick up a hitchhiker who is completely insane. He has a bloody streak on his face, and he carries around a bunch of weird stuff.

He begins to feel that there’s a connection between him and Franklin, one of the teenagers who happens to be in a wheelchair. He takes his picture and ends up lighting it on fire because he gets offended that Franklin doesn’t want it. They kick him out after he cuts ‘ arm and they keep driving. The hitchhiker comes back later but he’s not ever as creepy again as he is in the very beginning. They get to the house but they are low on gas. They go explore the house and after a while two of the protagonists go for a walk and find a house.

The cover to Leatherface #1, the first in a se...
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They go look for gas, and find and car farm, assumed to be the vehicles of the victims. The guy goes into the house and gets immediately attacked by Leatherface. No explanation or set up he just pops out of a room and hits the guy with a big hammer. This is the first time you see him in the movie. He is never actually called Leatherface in the movie, until the sequel. The girl goes in and the first to die from a chainsaw but it happens off-screen.

Another protagonist goes over and he dies in a similar fashion to the first guy. That just leaves Franklin and his sister Sally. Franklin gets chainsawed which happens sort of on-screen sort of off-screen, you see his wheelchair but you can’t actually see him or the chainsaw.

Sally runs away and there is very freaky chase and a lot happens which I won’t say. At this point it gets really disturbing you find a connection between Leatherface and the hitchhiker as well as meet their father. There is a great climax and you may notice one more thing that this movie influenced into slasher films. There is almost always a single survivor, and that survivor is always a girl who just barely gets away. Very close to the end the obvious token minority shows up to throw a wrench at Leather face and then disappear. The final shot of Leatherface swinging his chainsaw is very cool but then the movie just cuts to black and ends very suddenly. Maybe there should’ve been a little closure but the sudden end seems somehow fitting.

The movie was based on the true events inspired by the serial killer Ed Gein. Other movies that were based on Ed Gein include Psychoand Silence of the Lambs. I will be going over those as well. The movie was directed by Tobe Hooper who pretty much did everything on the backend of the movie. Hooper went on to make other great horror movies like The Poltergeist.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. leadinglight says:

    Nice review – it actually makes it sound like a film I would like to watch.


  2. danielsfunny says:

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is my favorite film. Any article written about it deserves my kudos.


    1. Thanks, what do you think of the new versions?


      1. danielsfunny says:

        I actually don’t hate the remake and its prequel. As far as new versions go, they’re actually pretty decent. R Lee Ermey’s Sheriff Hoyt is an awesome character, and I kind of dig the family in it. However, I’m not such a huge fan of Leatherface in the remake, as he’s too angry and not “weird” enough, if you get what I mean.


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