Halloween Horrors

Sam and I are HUGE movie geeks. He more so than me now, but at least I get credit for instilling a love of films in him. So, What else would we watch during the month of October but scaaarrryyy movies mwah ha ha ha haaaa.

We kicked off our month of horror movies with Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive that was showing at the Red River Theatre in Concord, NH as part of the Xtreme Friday Night Film Series.

This was by far the bloodiest, grossest film I have ever seen. I was very happy I hadn’t eaten before watching this gore-fest. I literally had the dry heaves during the ear in the soup scene and came this close to high-tailing it out of the theater. I toughed it out, however, spent the rest of the film crouching sideways in my seat, peeking through my fingers.

I was creeped out just looking at the poster so I had to know what was coming right?!? Nope, I really didn’t think there could be a scene so bloody for soooooooooooo long, I had noooo idea what I was in for. But, despite the blood and bleck, this was a hilarious movie as well. My favorite part, by far, was the priest “I KICK ASS FOR THE LORD!!!”

Sam and his friend Jake loved the movie and Sam will be posting his review at a later date. He did however say “This was the bloodiest, goriest movie EVER! Definitely one to see on the big screen to get the full effect!”

The #2 Movie of the month was Frankenstein with Boris Karloff. This was my first time seeing the movie and after watching Dead Alive the night before, my stomach was grateful for a black and white, no blood movie.

Next up was,The Curse of Dracula, from the Hammer Horror Series which introduced the world to Van Helsing. Hammer made a lot of fantastic classic monster horror films including several Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy and Werewolf movies.

Dr. Anton Phibes
Image by jovike via Flickr

#4 Was The Abominable Dr. Phibes   starring the amazingly talented Vincent Price. This was super creepy and Sam thinks it was the inspiration for the Saw movies. I can totally see that with the frog mask, (although there was no way out of the that trap) and with the test to save the “first-born son”. My favorite Vincent Price film is House of Wax which we’ll be watching later this month.

#5 Sam watched The Blob remake with his friend Andrew so I don’t have any input on that. Although I do like Kevin Dillon, I love Steve McQueen so I’d go with the original if I had a choice.

Scream was our 6th movie of Horror-ween. (Yup, I do know how cheesy that sounds.) Gotta love the biggest starlet in the film, Drew Barrymore, getting killed off very early just like Janet Leigh in the original Psycho. Don’t get me wrong, I loooove Drew Barrymore she’s a fantastic actress and wonderful person. And haven’t we all had those relationship disaster “what was I thinking” moments, aka Tom Green.

To follow Scream, which took a nod from Mr. Hitchcock killing off its biggest star early, we watched the original Psycho. I really, really wish I didn’t have to say “the original” since they never should have remade this movie. Anthony Perkins is just so incredible transforming from  handsome, yet awkward to completely insane right before your eyes. It’s brilliantly chilling.

Our #8 horror film was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Again, sadly, I need to point out it was the original, not the remake. I don’t know why but movies made in the 70’s with that dirty, gritty, grindhouse look, feel more real than the remade, beautified versions and are always 10 times more creepy.

Off to watch number 9 and I really hope Sam didn’t pick something too bloody…yeah right.


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