SNOB Film Festival Reviews Part 5 ~ By Sam

This is my last set of reviews from the SNOB Film Festival.

The Somewhat North of Boston (SNOB) Film Festival “is a grassroots effort to showcase and support independent filmmaking. It strives to bring films to the area that local audiences might not otherwise see. ”

Stop : Rating 9/10

My pick for best of fest. The director of this film was the one I spent the most time talking to. Stop is a very interesting story about a scientific experiment that has something to do with a tower in Massachusetts and time. I won’t say too much because there is a very good twist.

The story is gripping and will keep you completely invested in it until the credits. The music and camera work all go together so well that it really makes the film feel epic. I would give it a ten except for the fact that I wish it was longer. The short is only 8 minutes, for such a compelling story I feel it needed to be fleshed more in at least 20 minutes.

Thief: Rating 7/10

Thief is a short that really takes it’s time. Long silent shots, work perfectly for the tone of the movie. Thief is about Mehdi a man struggling to stay alive in Afghanistan in 2003. He gets a visitor and then there is a long flashback to his childhood where a stranger robs him of his optimistic outlook on people as a whole. The visitor was the same person. He struggles about whether to kill the man or not. He ends up not doing it because it would make him just as bad as the other guy. I didn’t realize till the credits that the thief was Saddam Hussein.

Tick-Tock Death Clock: Rating 8/10

Another film that was part of the 48 Hour Film Project. Unlike the other one I reviewed, this one is really good.

A clown scares a guy and forces him to wear a watch and promise to never take it off.

20 years later he’s a senator trying to make an anti-clown law. The clown follows him through his house and they fight and its very funny. The same director had 2 other shorts in the festival and his company Wicked Sick Films is located in New Hampshire.


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