SNOB Fest Reviews Part 4 ~ by Sam

The Somewhat North of Boston (SNOB) Film Festival “is a grassroots effort to showcase and support independent filmmaking. It strives to bring films to the area that local audiences might not otherwise see. “

I saw a total of 23 films, mostly shorts, and here are a few of my reviews.

The Other Soldier: Rating 2/10

A story that is very boring about two soldiers during world War II, one dies and the other drags the body into a field, drops a gun on him and walks away. More than half of the short is spent using first-aid on gunshot wounds. By the way they are filmed in a very weird choppy way. The film takes it too seriously like the movie thinks it’s way more epic than it really is.

Perhaps Tomorrow: Rating 6/10

About a jaded woman who keeps people and emotions away for a reason unknown till the end. Not my thing but nevertheless a good short. Very well directed and acted.



Puppy Dog Tails: Rating 8/10

A very short film about a woman who stays at a house that has a very creepy person living in the basement. Who by the way looks like a cross-dressing Mr. Bean. The short remains creepy throughout but is also really funny.




Quick Shop: Rating 7/10 

Spoiler Alert Quick Shop would be a very good short except for one major flaw. The two main actors are both terrible actors. There is an opening segment which is very awesome. During this segment a woman is being attacked by her drunk husband. She hides in the closet. He sits on the bed facing the closet then shoots himself in the head. She goes out and sits on the floor next to him. The whole time I’m thinking it would be so awesome if he just tipped the gun up and shot her. Then it actually happened and just for that I give the movie a 7/10 but the rest of the movie is full of terrible acting and the fake death gag.

The Song For The Year: Rating 1/10

This was a 60 minute movie. That should have only been 10 minutes at the absolute most. This was completely pointless and didn’t deserve the time that was put into it. A documentary about an Irish musician. Very boring and keeps dragging on.


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