SNOB Film Festival Movie Reviews Part 3 ~ By Sam


The Somewhat North of Boston (SNOB) Film Festival “is a grassroots effort to showcase and support independent filmmaking. It strives to bring films to the area that local audiences might not otherwise see. ”

I saw a total of 23 films, mostly shorts, and here are a few of my reviews.

Liberty: Rating 3/10

Liberty is a very weird music video with a message that is repeatedly shoved down your throat. The video feels like it came out of the 70’s and my biggest problem with it is the fact that despite the message of the video being thrown at you, I don’t think the director really cares about the message at all. I think it’s just there because he thinks that’s what it should be, and that he doesn’t really care, he just picked an overdone issue and abused it.

The Necklace: Rating 1/10

The Necklace is horrible. This won a lot of different awards at SNOB and other festivals and it does not deserve them. The plot is about a woman who becomes empowered by putting flowers on a grave and then proceeds to take her clothes off and walk away while very clichéd “happy” music plays.

Niche: Rating  4/10

A 5 minute animation with a somewhat unique art style that feels more like 15 minutes. Niche wouldn’t be have as bad if it wasn’t a blatant rip off of many other stories. It revolves around a group of people who are painted a certain color at birth, and it is about being who you really are and “showing your true colors” not really about the colors it’s too dull for that. Again only music but at least its fitting. It’s just such an old concept and they really didn’t do anything new.

No Laughing Matter: Rating 3/10 

No Laughing Matter is a comedy that really is no laughing matter because it isn’t funny at all. A clown cuts both his hands off juggling a chainsaw and gets hook hands. Later he goes to audition for Peter Pan and accidentally stabs himself in the eye while washing his make-up off (somehow). The only part that is actually funny is the part where he’s going to the bathroom with his hook hands, which has been done before but was still kind of funny.

Noreen: Rating  10/10

This movie should have won best comedy but sadly it lost to the sucky mockumentary. Noreen was made and takes place in Ireland. It follows two police officers who make a great comedy duo that I would like to see other movies. This is one short that I would really like to see again. They go to investigate a dead body and just keep making things worse. My favorite quote of the whole convention would probably be ”P.S. I shot the pig”. It was really the only quotable movie. I would like to see a sequel with the same characters but as a feature film.


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