SNOB Festival Reviews Part 2 ~ By Sam

The Somewhat North of Boston (SNOB) Film Festival “is a grassroots effort to showcase and support independent filmmaking. It strives to bring films to the area that local audiences might not otherwise see. ”

I saw a total of 23 films, mostly shorts, and here are a few of my reviews.

The Eater: Rating 2/10

The Eater was one of the animation films at the festival. At 3 minutes long it just feels like a surreal messed up experience. I must say the animation is not good and it could be done better by people with very little experience. A surreal soundtrack that I don’t quite want to call a song, could set a weird atmosphere, but the plain stupid plot destroys that notion. The plot is a man eats these little demon things or something like that and then goes through a very boring set of “rooms” eating people and even bullets. He then gets knocked out of a window and dies. to which the movie says FIN. The whole animation is completely pointless and is the kind of thing that is looked into as having a deeper meaning and being very artistic. But really it’s not.

An Evening With My Comatose Mother

An Evening With My Comatose Mother: Rating 9/10

This was one of my favorites of the festival. It aired during the grindhouse event. It is 33 minutes, not very long but longer than a lot of the other shorts. This movie had a professional special effects team, and it really shows. They have amazing effects for scenes like the ones with a very creepy Tiny Tim like thing and the comatose mother that acts like the girl from the exorcist. This is the only movie that I could say was the least bit frightening, which I expected a lot of movies to go for, but really didn’t. Even though it had scary moments, it kept a fun attitude and jokes throughout. The protagonist is the stereotypical slasher movie girl, which is used in a good way, who goes to house sit and gets haunted by everything in the house on Halloween. A very good short.

Falling Overnight

Falling Overnight: Rating 9/10

This was another feature-length movie, about twenty-something Elliot Carson, and chronicles the night before he has surgery to remove a brain tumor, which he may or may not survive. I am not the target demographic for this movie, seeing as it’s a romantic dramedy, but it was an extremely well made movie. The writing was excellent. All of the dialogue was extremely well done and it all sounded like something someone would actually say. In fact none of the jokes seem staged they all just come about like friends hanging out just talking and it is all handled very well. I think it’s the type of comedy that is the hardest to pull off. The acting was great, it surpassed my expectations. To go along with the great dialogue, the actors have great delivery, all seeming very natural and real. One character seems like he’s trying to impersonate Seth Rogen though.

Houseplants Picnic
The Houseplants Picnic: Rating 6/10

This is a short 2 minute stop motion film about houseplant’s that drive a car to a park, play cards, and have a cook-out. It’s funny because of the charm it has and the music fits it so well.

Just Remember That They’re Dead: Rating 1/10

this Is a mockumentary made for the 48 hour film project. The 7 minute plot consists of a family in which the father has kept the re-animate corpse of his friend as a sort of pet. All of the acting was terrible especially the zombie whose make up only covered half his face leaving his neck, arms hand’s, everything uncovered. This short was not funny at all. All of the jokes failed because of horrible acting and the fact that all the jokes had already been done before but a lot better. The worst part about it is that it won an award. My rating 1/10


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