Paul Giamatti~Underrated Actor #8

I’ve decided to move our movie content from our Green Carbon Creations blog to keep the focus on the craft how to instructions, frugal finds and Etsy items there and the movie, gaming and well, everything else here. So the next few posts about Sam’s Underrated Actors list will be a bit out of order.

 Sideways (Widescreen Edition)

While I was waiting on Sam to write his Paul Giamatti post I decided to throw my two cents in.

I have to say if I had seen him in Sideways or The Illusionist before his turn as a major jerk in Big Fat Liar and then as the gigantic a%hole Hertz in Shoot ‘Em Up I wouldn’t have thought “uggh, I can’t stand that guy” every time I heard his name associated with a movie.  But, he really has quite a range and is completely believable as either the lovable loser or the guy you love to hate.

The Illusionist (Full Screen Edition)When I was doing some research on IMDB and found out that both he and Edward Norton (#7 on Sam’s Underrate Actor list) were in the Illusionist I just had to rent it for us.  Overall it is a good film, I liked the story line although it was rather predictable.  Paul Giamatti was wonderful.  His character was torn between his sympathy and appreciation for the magician and trying to get ahead politically.  Giamatti’s performance is so rich, you can see the conflict in his character yet he’s so subtle about it.  I found him very enjoyable to watch and wanting to watch all of his work.  I’ll be taking out the John Adams series from my library soon.

We can touch more on Edward Norton’s impecible performance in another post.  Regarding Jessica Biel’s performance in this movie I agree with Variety  that she “is entirely stunning enough to fight to the death over”, but the fewer words spoken by her the better.  She was completely boring and her accent horrible, she should get her money back from her dialect coach.

Paul Giamatti has played the supporting actor in several movies but always makes his mark.  No matter the role, he is truly unforgettable. I’m very excited to see he has two new movies out soon Win Win which is the official selection of the Sundance 2011 Film Festival and Ironclad.  The characters he plays in these two films seem to be polar opposites.

He also has seven movies in production including Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She-Vampires which is the prequel to Bubba Ho-Tep where Elvis is shooting a film in Louisiana and gets into trouble with a bunch of she-vampires. I wonder if Bruce Campbell (#10 on Sam’s Underrate Actors list) will make a cameo.

Fun fact about Paul Giamatti:  
In the 1998 remake of Doctor Dolittle (1998), Paul portrayed a human in charge of a talking orangutan, in the 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes (2001), he portrays a talking orangutan in charge of humans.

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